Having a backyard party, block party or fun event? Pick one of our great inflatables to make your even a bouncing great time!

We will set up 30 minutes prior to the start of your party and pickup 15 minutes after the end of your party (set up, delivery and pick up are included in our price). You should provide one person to assist if necessary.

Rental Inflatable Bounce House

Rental Inflatable Bounce House

To rent our inflatables you must follow our rental rule, please visit the rental rules page to view the full list before renting.

We pride ourselves on providing clean units and on time delivery.

Rental price is $230.00 for 4 hours, $330.00 for 8 hours. Please note that these are residential price only within 15 miles of Ankeny.

Event pricing (churches, schools,and fun nights) $300 up to 4 hours and $400 up to 8 hours