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Having a backyard party, block party or fun event? Pick one of our great inflatables to make your event a bouncing great time!

We will set up 30 minutes prior to the start of your party and pick up 15 minutes after the end of your party ( set up, delivery and pick up are included in our price). You should provide one person to assist if necessary.

Rules for rentals:
Need to have electrical outlet
Needs to be placed on level ground
Ground area needs to be 16 x 16 area with height at 17 feet
Ground area needs to be grass or concrete and free of animal droppings
Our units are fire retardant and can be set up inside a large banquet hall, gymnasium, etc.

We pride ourselves on providing clean units and on time delivery.

Rental price is $210.00 for 4 hours, $300.00 for 8 hours.